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 Issue 12  

Union Updates

From: Danny Francis, BUC

 letter from the president


Dear Brothers and Sisters of FOP Lodge 139,

      As most of you are aware, there are two issues on the ballot this November in Summit County. One is the Summit County Sales Tax increase, also known as  Issue 12; the other is a Yes/No voting levy in Northfield Center that will determine whether Northfield Center retains Summit County deputies to patrol that area, also known as Issue 54. I am asking for your help to contribute time and/or money so that we can help pass both of these issues. The Lodge is prohibited by federal law from contributing money directly since our dues cannot be contributed to political actions or any type of political campaign fund. Both of these issues are very important to all of us. It is unknown as to what the future holds if the Summit County sales tax increase fails, but given the political history of the County it could certainly mean loss of jobs or at best the status quo. With the current shortage of officers within the department this could be a large blow to our staffing levels. If the Yes/No levy in Northfield fails this will definitely mean loss of jobs, as they will engage a new department to cover their policing needs and that will result in lower revenue to the county and they will be forced to eliminate jobs. I am asking that you give of your time and money to help both of these issues pass. If you would like to donate money to the cause you can give your donations to Wes Dobbins or Sgt. Awhajee in patrol, Cindy Young or Sgt. Lowe at the jail, Johnny Marsh or Kirk Destefano at the courthouse or Sheila Church at Glenwood. The money contributed will be used for making signs and other types of advertising. You can also contact them for a list of volunteer activities that are needed in helping the issues pass. Thank you in advance for your time and donations to this worthy cause and keep up the good work.


 Fraternally Yours,

Gary Beke