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​​7 police officers have been killed in the last 6 days in our country. This should alarm our nation that violence against police officers is not slowing down. ...6 of 7 officers were killed by gunfire. The men and women who put on a duty belt before each shift know that there is a chance they may not return home to their family but they selflessly continue to do what they are called to serve. We salute these 7 brave police officers and their families as we all continue to press on and protect our communities. ‪#‎Prayers‬


Union Updates

From: Danny Francis, BUC

And now there are 8 !!!
From National President Canterbury:

Police Officer Thomas Cottrell: Danville Police Dept, Ohio
Police Officer Douglas Barney: Unified Police Dept. St Lake City Utah
Sergeant Jason Gooding: Seaside Police Dept, Oregon
Senior Deputy Mark Logsdon: Harford County Sheriff’s Office, Maryland
Senior Deputy Patrick Dailey : Harford County Sheriff’s Office, Maryland
Deputy Derek Geer: Mesa County Sheriff’s Office, Colorado
Officer Jason Moszer: Fargo Police Dept, North Dakota
Riverdale GA police officer (Name not released)

All eight officers have been shot and killed in the past 24 days. Five of these brave men were shot and killed in the line of duty in just the last two days.
Eight officers gunned down doing their jobs for the people of the United States. Eight officers who only wanted to do their jobs and go home to their families. Eight brave Americans gunned down merely because they wear a uniform.
It is time for the Congress to get serious about this senseless violence in this country and pass meaningful legislation that not only protects the rights of every citizen but also recognizes that law enforcement officers are citizens and deserve the protection that they are counted on to preserve.
I again call on Congress to pass Hate Crime Legislation that will enhance the penalty for crimes against a specific class of citizens: those who wear a uniform and badge and who had vowed to protect these rights for others.
I am calling on all law enforcement officers and citizens to write their Congressmen and demand that our law enforcement community be given the same rights as other protected classes of persons who are victims of crimes based on the offender’s bias.
Enough is Enough America

Thank you JJ Boykin and Anne Marie for the wonderful sign

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President Canterbury Meets with Vice President Biden Discussed Violence against Police, Federal LE Programs

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